A Case for Posthuman Growth

Artwork by ecoactivist Justin Brice Guariglia

Governments increasingly cite design thinking as a way to help businesses innovate and grow.

Our review of design thinking shows that while such tools successfully drive profits in a market economy, their bias on user needs comes at the expense of living systems.

A recent shift towards circular design thinking…

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Transforming education through avatars, meta-learning, and meta-collaboration

The market potential for the edtech industry is huge and 17 percent year-on-year to become worth $252 billion by 2020. While still in its infancy, the edtech market already exceeds the $200m digital advertising sector and is growing at a faster rate. It’s not unfeasible to assume…

How peer-to-peer crime prevention apps can make our cities healthier and safer places to live


Violent crime costs the UK economy more than [1]. While predictive analytics has been useful in some cases to predict violent crimes before they occur, these top-down systems are against stigmatized populations, and not effective at predicting certain types of crimes such as domestic…

A citizen-led blueprint for smart cities, smart communities, and smart democracy

Cities are volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) places, making the delivery of responsive citizen-led solutions virtually impossible to predict or control. To compound matters, clear evidence shows prejudices or bias in design thinking seriously constrains architectural creations and user experience of urban spaces. This article reviews the impact of…

Agile voting for an agile democracy

Liquid democracy on the blockchain

British parliament and its flawed voting systems have destroyed citizen engagement in politics, damaged the integrity of politicians, and failed to ensure Britain can deal with 21st-century challenges.

In response, technologists have developed blockchain voting apps to ensure British democracy is more transparent, accountable, and fair. Despite this positive move…

Principles for a more enlightened and civilized society

Recent technological advances to augment human intelligence (aka Intelligence Amplification or IA) can potentially allow us to make our cities and citizenry smarter than ever. However, their corruptive and disruptive impact on health suggests the information technology (IT) industry must establish an ethical framework to ensure our future generations get…

What science leaves out

by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, produced in Milan c. 1590–1591. The portrait depicts painted as , the Roman God of the seasons.

Nutrition is one of the most frustrating fields around. While certain regimes such as , much of the underlying nutritional factors remain a mystery.

Of course, having a clear knowledge of what foods are most beneficial intuitively makes sense from a survival…

Grant Munro

Academic and business mentor

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